2 Contoh Surat Kuasa Bahasa Inggris

2 Contoh Surat Kuasa Bahasa Inggris – Berikut adalah contoh surat kuasa dalam bahasa Inggris dengan mengikuti ketentuan pembuatan surat kuasa di Indonesia.

Contoh Surat Kuasa Bahasa Inggris 1


The undersigned below:

Mr. Mujiono in this case act for and on behalf of Sukasenang Company, established under the Law of Indonesia Company by deed of establishment of Limited Liability Companies iso2002 made by Notary Frid Hutagalung, SH with ratification by Minister of Justice and Human Right No 25, wich was published in state gazette No. 56/PDT.G/2005/PNYK, Jl. Contoh Surat Kuasa No. 214, Cibinong Bogor. Hereinafter referred to as “GIVING POWER”.

In this case choosing legal residence in the Attorney’s office, and explained to give the Special Power of Attorney to:

  1. Frid Hutagalung, SH
  2. Ferdinand Simbolon, SH

Each one as an advocate and legal consultant at the law office of Frid & Partners located at Jl. Surat Kuasa No. 334 Cibinong Bogor. Which in this case act either individually or together, hereinafter referred to as “RECIPIENT’S POWER”.


To create, sign, and file a lawsuit indemnity in the Cibinong District Court against Jl. Contoh Surat Resmi No. 99, Cibinong Bogor, resulted from an act of default in executing the contract agreement no. 50, between the GIVING POWER and Lancar Jaya Company, on the signing contract.

Therefor :

  1. To exercise this power, RECIPIENT’S POWER given the right and authority to attend the court, other judicative body, Government Officials, and Other Bodies. Submit the require request, runing the action, and perform any action in the court in accordance with the position and the procedural law is applicable. Receive and singning the bill, receive and commit the payment in this case. Asking decision and execution, or fight according to the rules of law.
  2. Then, perform all acts and other measures that are considered important and useful by the RECIPIENT’S POWER for the legal interest of GIVING POWER to solve this case problems in a way that is allowed by law, although not expressly stated in this power of attorney.

This power is given with the right of substitution and Retention.

Cibinong, 25 / october / 2012

Recipient’s Power                                                                             Giving Power



Frid Hutagalung, SH                                                                               Mujiono

Ferdinand Simbolon, SH

 Contoh Surat Kuasa Bahasa Inggris 2


This Letter of Attorney is to be signed or sealed by the trustor personally :
Name : Mr. Mujiono
Profession : Head of Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi (STIE) Persatuan
Addres : Jl. Contoh Surat Resmi No. 99, Cibinong Bogor

I hereby give complete authority regarding applications to my representative (trustee),
indicated below :

Mr. Sulamun as the advocate in Frid Hutagalung, SH & Partners at Jl. Surat Kuasa No. 334, Phone : 085768555555 to acting Alone or Collective

In order to and on behalf of the trustor to submit the summon on Cibinong District Court concerning the private case based on registered case No. 56/PDT.G/2005/PNYK.
Concern to the statement, the trustee has authority to attend the court and other judicative body, submit the require request, running the action, or giving the information which legally acted or given by trustee, receive and signing the bill, receive and commit the payment in this case.
This letter of attorney is followed with substitution rights to other person on behalf or all.

Cibinong, 25 October 2012

Recipient’s Power                                                                             Giving Power



Sulamun                                                                                                  Mujiono


  1. This Power of Attorney form is based on the law of Republik Indonesia
  2. Replace the word / phrase in Italics and Bold.
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